The Meetings and Functions

margate meetingsBreakfast Meetings
The members of the Business Forum meet for breakfast every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am. Members are encouraged to bring guests who can qualify for membership. In order to make sure that the guest's category will not conflict with any member's category, the inviting member should check first with a director. Each person is asked to stand and introduce themselves and their guests. They report their referral activity and report anything special regarding their own business. About twenty-seconds is allotted for each person. At every breakfast, except the monthly business meeting, someone will present a fifteen-minute talk. The speaker is usually a member familiarizing the membership with their background and their business. Each Month an outside speaker is invited to speak on topics of interest to the membership. The breakfast meeting ends at or before 8:30 am.

Shop Socials
Each member in turn is asked to host a shop social at their business establishment or at another convenient place. The shop social is usually held once each month starting about 5:30 and ending about 7:30. It is an opportunity for the members to be more casual, visit, and to see the host's business premises. Soda, wine, and appetizers are usually provided.

Social Events
The Business Forum has several social events a year such as bowling, picnics, dinners.

Installation Banquet
In January each year, Business Forum has a dinner affair to thank its out-going directors and to install its new board. Guests and spouses are invited.