There are two types of members (Active and Associate)

membershipActive members control their business category and are required to attend at least three meetings per month; Active membership dues are $175.00 per calendar quarter.


Associate members also pay $175.00 per calendar quarter, but are only required to attend one meeting per month. The Associate's category is open to any prospective member who will take the category and be an Active member. If such a prospective member applies, the Associate has the first option to become an active member.

Both Associate and Active members have full voting rights and privileges. Dues include the cost of breakfast and the cost to bring guests to breakfast and all social functions.

Attendance at the Business Forum's special functions is expected.


Application for Membership

There is a one-time $50.00 application fee. Applicants must complete an application, pay a full quarter's dues, be interviewed by the Board of Directors, have attended two breakfast meetings, and have their references checked. Applicants must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and then by a majority vote of the members at the monthly business meeting.